Kurt Soparlo
Vice President of Exploration, Axiom Exploration
Kurt Soparlo | Vice President of Exploration, Axiom Exploration

Kurt Soparlo is the Vice President of Exploration for Axiom Exploration, a multi-disciplinary consultancy specializing in geological well site supervision and mineral exploration management services. In his role, Mr. Soparlo makes the most of his oil and gas industry acumen when he supervises drill wells, meets with oil companies, oversees projects, and staffs new and ongoing projects. With a wealth of knowledge and experience amassed over the course of an illustrious career, Mr. Soparlo strives for excellence in his every endeavor. He makes every effort to build on his ever-emergent skill set, and to champion the initiatives of the consultancy, ensuring that top quality services are always being provided to its clients.

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Kurt Soparlo
Vice President of Exploration
Axiom Exploration
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